Hair Loss Shampoo

     There are two popular hair loss shampoos out on the market, Nioxin and Rogaine.   These two products take completely opposite approaches to correct hair loss. Rogaine uses a drug as a way to regrow new hair. Nioxin believes in cleansing the scalp and removing blockage from the hair follicle. Both offer a viable hair loss treatment if used as directed.

     Rogaine uses FDA approved minoxidil to regrow hair and slow the effects of hair loss. With two applications daily, it will take four months to 1 year to see any results from the product. It is not intended to help receding hairlines. After discontinued use, most new hair will fall out, therefor using Rogaine for your hair loss treatment is a life long commitment.

     Nioxin is a professional line of haircare products. Their hair loss treatment consists of three steps…cleanse, scalp therapy, and scalp treatment. Cleanse is the hair loss shampoo to remove follicle clogging oils, fatty acids, and environmental residue from the scalp. Scalp therapy is the conditioner to keep moisture balance in the hair and scalp. Scalp treatment contains antioxidants and botanicals to thicken each hair strand. Nioxin doesn’t claim to regrow hair, but it is intended to thicken hair and slow hair loss by creating a healthier scalp environment. Again, when used as directed, it can be a very beneficial hair loss treatment.

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