Types of Hair

     In order to pick the right shampoo, you need to know what type of hair you have. Below I will explain different hair types. Read thru all of them and pick the one that best describes your hair.

     Fine hair is usually straight and looks flat. Your ponytail is usually pretty thin, about the size of a nickel or smaller in diameter.  Usually, fine hair girls will have to wash their hair everyday. Unless your hair is very damaged, it usually isn’t dry and may be prone to getting static.  If you have fine hair, click here

     Medium hair can be straight or curly. Your ponytail will be around the size of a quarter in diameter. If your hair is straight, you may still feel like it is flat, but you will not feel like you have thin hair.  If you do not think your hair is thin and it doesn’t feel coarse… then this is your hair type.  If you have medium hair, click here

     Coarse hair is usually curly or wavy. Each hair strand is thicker so therefore feels coarser. Your ponytail will be around the size of a half dollar in diameter. You will laugh at thin ponytail holders because they will never hold your hair up or get around it twice.  You will feel like your hair may be dry and lacks shine. If you have coarse hair, click here

     If you have dry, damaged, or breaking hair,  continue reading! Over highlighting, radical color changes, or constantly straightening leads you to have hair doesn’t feel so great.  To learn how to repair your damaged hair, click here

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