Coarse Hair

     Alright you course hair girls, the shampoo you should use is hydrating.  Look for labels that say hydrating, moisturizing, or other synonyms.  Coarse hair has holes in the shafts, therefore moisture can leak out. Basically, hydrating shampoos and conditioners are your best friend.  Most people in this category can get away with shampooing their hair only a couple times a week. They also feel that their hair looks it’s best the second or third day after shampooing.  This is because the natural oils get distributed through the hair from brushing it. Apply conditioner from the root to the end and leave on for  a couple of minutes. Remember, moisture is your best friend.  You should notice more shine and smoothness.

     Shampoos that are labeled as straightening shampoo are also great.  Most contain ingredients that will replenish the moisture in your hair. Just be careful that they are not high in waxes, paraffin, or silicons. If you are unsure feel free to

email me, and I will let you know.

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  1. Bad Hair says:

    Wow, I never knew why my hair felt liked it looked better a day or two after I washed it!!! Thanks for the info.

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