Medium Hair

     Alright medium hair girls, the shampoo for you is… well this category is a little trickier. If you hair doesn’t feel dry or frizzy but tends to be oilier, then volumizing shampoo will work great for you. Although volumizing shampoos and conditioners will not give you volume (styling products actually give you volume), this shampoo and conditioner will be a great foundation for you. For short hair, use conditioner on the ends only.  For long hair, apply conditioner from mid-shaft to the ends.  You hair should feel like it has more life and isn’t weighed down.

     If you hair is dry, frizzy, or curly then you should use a hydrating shampoo. Look for labels that say hydrating, moisturizing, or synonyms. Again, these shampoos are not going to give you perfect hair, but it’s a great foundation. They will give you more shine and manageability. Again, for short hair only apply conditioner to the ends.  For longer hair, apply conditioner from the mid-shaft to the ends.

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  1. Jaelyn says:

    That’s the best awnser of all time! JMHO

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